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At Ohana, we are on a mission to enable purpose-driven brands with the tools, resources and the network needed to accelerate sustainable growth through scalable brand partnerships.

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The challenge

If you are a  DTC brand owner selling online, you’ve lived through some of the hardest trading possible. First supply chains stopped through covid and never really recovered. Then the tailwinds afforded by pandemic digital adoption became a false dawn.

Apple IOS 14 and privacy killed your best source of customer acquisition, and listing on Amazon is playing poker with the devil.

Today we risk losing the high craft, beautiful brands, that have placed sustainability or more ethical ingredients and packaging at the core of their product. And we risk it because it’s harder than ever to make running a challenger brand work.

The impact of this is that we’ll be force-fed a diet of vanilla, climate-harming, chemical packed, nutrient-lite gloop, sold out of temples to strip lighting, where the only customer service interaction is the dull ping of self-checkout.

That is a future we don’t want. We are here to champion the intrepid merchants, the brave creators of ethical products that we want to consume. We are building a suite of tools to help you compete, form alliances and win against the giants.

Our solution

Imagine the collective power of a community of brands with customers that share their values on sustainability and ecological purpose.

Imagine for a moment, if all the purpose driven small and large businesses and all the startups came together to support each other?

They kind of already do, we see everyday, brands giving each other organic reciprocal shoutouts on instagram and facebook, and doing giveaways.

But they don’t really work that well do they? Hard to track reach, hard to track and attribute value, for often quite a lot of effort.

Now imagine that every time a customer buys something on your store site they get a recommendation for another brand that reflects your values.

Imagine your brand getting the same in return on your partners sites in the community.

Better Together

How we envision the future

The direct-to-consumer space is ripe for change leveraging the scale of the DTC community through partnership. we aim to drive down the costs of accessing new quality customers, without losing each brands individuality and direct relationship with the customer.

We believe this will be driven by:

  • Community-led growth. We are creating a self-sustained ecosystem, a network fuelled by the brands themselves. A network where the brands own their channels and their customer data.
  • Auction-based advertising Vs Collective reciprocity. Traditional advertising platforms are pitting brands against each other (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google). We believe partnering with like-minded brands can vastly improve upon these metrics. It allows brands to drive awareness, access new high-intent customers, and build a relevant community to elevate their brand and greater purpose.
  • Collective reciprocity Collective reciprocity also opens the path to enable meaningful collaborations independently of a brands' size, as the value exchange shifts from one-to-one to many-to-many.
  • Network-wide insights. We leverage network-wide connections and insights to generate recommendations, drive content and identify opportunities that strengthen the ecosystem. In contrast to big tech platforms, we focus entirely on 1P data - and only use the network-wide insights for the benefit of the community.

We're an early-stage startup part of Founders Factory accelerator program in London, and are working with some really exciting brands in the Shop for good DTC space. If you're ambitious and excited about our mission, we'd love to hear from you.

Who we are

David Henry
Founder & CEO
Companies will increasingly be viewed as either part of the solution or part of the problem. We have chosen to work exclusively with companies that make the world a little better than they found it. I began the journey of building Ohana, because I had direct experience of the challenges a lot of purpose driven brands have with gaining visibility and traction with sales. I have over 20 years of marketing and e-commerce experience with leading international e-commerce brands and startups.

Barna Tóth
Co Founder & CTO
After over 12 years of developing software used by millions of users and leading engineering organisations at enterprise SaaS companies, I decided to change gears and join Ohana on our mission to make the world a better place by supporting purpose-driven brands with awesome new tools.

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