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  • ETHICAL: We care how our community treat their employees, partners and the planet. ESGmark® members, B Corp or pending B Corp members are welcome
  • SUSTAINABLE: At the very centre of the brands we are supporting, we aim to work with partners who are active in protecting the environment with ethical supply chain and manufacturing 
  • WASTE REDUCTION : Through better greener manufacturing and packaging, or reuse of materials. Products which we buy once and buy right to reduce consumption
  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY: By keeping materials in use, either as a product or, when that can no longer be used as components or raw materials. Helping all shift the focus from extraction to regeneration
  • LOW CARBON: By using renewable natural products or low carbon emitting material and ingredients 
  • GIVES BACK: To the community, via direct charitable donations or supporting funding a specific cause
  • NON TOXIC: Eco alternatives in manufacturing and packaging
  • CRUELTY FREE: Never tested on Animals
  • BEST IN CLASS: The products you sell on the network have to live up to their promise and be of the highest quality, they must be used or eaten, worn or consumed and loved by your customers

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